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Insurance professional will help with life insurance, critical illness, disability insurance, buy sell agreements, key person insurance, and business overhead expense insurance.

Life Insurance…

can be for a certain term and for a specific reason. Examples of uses for insurance is to cover a debt such as a mortgage. We will also use insurance for tax and estate planning purposes. This can be accomplished with policies that have lifelong coverage. Examples of such policies are Universal Life, Whole life , Term 100

Critical Illness Insurance…

helps to insure against 25 illnesses that can have a profound effect on your life. Four of the most common illnesses are heart attack, stroke, heart bypass surgery, and life-threatening cancer. Critical Illness can insure you with a one-time tax-free payment to help you recover and get back to living your life. Some of the policies can come with a return of premiums. Which mean that you can get back every penny that you pay into critical illness coverage. We like to refer to it as a savings account with critical illness coverage.

Disability Insurance…

is needed for people who cannot perform the duties of their job. This insurance will help to keep cashflow coming in while you recover from an unfortunate incident. Even if you have disability coverage through your work, make sure that the income and benefit amounts match up. On occasion people will have coverage that falls short of their income needs. We can help to make sure you will be protected in the event of an unforeseen event.

Buy Sell AgreementsKey Person Insurance, and Business Overhead Expense insurance:

Please call and we can discuss each of the above and how it relates to your business.


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